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God Unites, Religions Divide!

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One good question is worth more than a thousand unworthy answers.

This book is not for everyone! It is only for those among us who have not yet lost hope of finding truth and changing the world to a better place.

The book is intended for people whose judgment has not yet completely gone. Those of us who did not subordinate their brain and senses to any religion false rhetoric. The book is for religious people and non religious alike, and I hope everyone will find it interesting and will be "shocked" by it, to the same extent, because it breaks down a lot of conventions and myths that we all grew up on.


Before I began to write this book, and even before I was at the early stages of material gathering, it was clear to me that the Torah was not given by the Creator, because I remembered from my early years in a religious high school in Jerusalem, some immoral laws and some unfounded conceptions of nature and the creation of the world in the bible that did not rest my mind.


In spite my initial disbelief, I still assumed that the debate I have with rabbis, priests and imams is some kind of philosophical argument about the truth of the Torah - I gave them the benefit of the doubts, that they really believe that the Torah (The five books of Moses) was given by God.  I thought I am writing a book of debate, that will allow the public to choose between two opposite arguments, on one side me (and other disbelievers) and on the other side all the believers of the three main monotheistic religions i.e. Judaism, Islam and Christianity. I thought that my claims would have a greater weight of persuasion, and that would tip the balance in my favour, and people would stop trusting Rabbis, Priests and Imams, and that will fulfil my moral duty.

As I looked through the Torah for material to write about, my heart was filled with anger and bitterness, because I had rediscovered the text.  I encourage any adult to do so, to re-read the biblical text and with eyes wide open. You will find so many errors, total ignorance of the writer, the most immoral laws and a God that is cruel, childish and stupid. It is written all over the place. It is written in capital letters and in clear text.  There is no need for research at all, in order to claim that this is a document that certainty was not been given by a world creator. The gap between the wonderful universe  which we all live in and the stupidity of the portrayal God "Yahweh" cannot be closed by some hypocritical commentators in any conceivable way. I will only give a handful of examples in this website and you will understand exactly what I mean.


The obvious conclusion from the little research I have done is that this is a real fraud. It became clear to me, above all reasonable doubt, that the rabbis, priests and imams of all these three religious establishments are working very hard to lie to all of us, in a crude, blunt and deliberate way. We are dealing with a collection of sophisticated hypocrites who clearly know that their claim is false but pretend to gain power and dominance by cheating.  There is no innocence of people here but deliberate scam and hypocrisy for its own sake. To the religious clerks of the past I might give the benefit of the doubt but not for those of today. Maybe few hundred years ago people did not know better. Maybe they did not know it wasn't true? Maybe they did not know what we know today? Maybe they did not have direct and quick access to the knowledge that exists today? Maybe they couldn't easily and quickly search all the knowledge available to every child today? Maybe they couldn't even compare different writings in their religion, because of the volume of books was far too large, that brought them to the wrong worldview? Maybe? And maybe and maybe? But today everything is open, knowledge exists and is common and accessible to every child. These days, you do not need to have an amazing memory to know the laws of Judaism and the different interpretations or to search the religious books of Islam and Christianity. You don't have to be an amazing scholar to discover the errors and the false claims in the Torah, or in other 'Holy' books, but the opposite, you have to be a hypocrite to ignore them or a great crook to hide them.


In this book, I want to make a clear distinction between different type of believers. Most of the believers are innocent and honest people who are foolishly trusted the rabbis, imams and priests. But anyone who has studied the Torah laws properly can easily discover that there is no divine hand in them. The Creator of the universe doesn't need to send us a book that tells us to respect our parents, not to murder each other and not to steal. Even in cultures that have never heard of the Torah, there are morals and values ​​and respect for the parents, and they do so even before the Torah was written.


Humans have built, by their intelligence and wisdom only, systems far more advanced morally than the laws of the Torah.


The rabbis, the imams and the priests claim they were given by God the explicit right to interpret (or change) the Torah laws.  Although they add and subtract from them, they still passionately claim that they were given by God. By doing so they put themselves above their own God. Do they have greater sensitivity or wisdom than that of the Creator of the world? Does their intelligence exceed his? Can they see something he did not?  


This distinction I make between religious institutions and observers is essential. For me it seems the same as between casino owners and gamblers. Gamblers are weak minded people who fall into the trap, but the casino owners who sell this false illusions are crooks and evil.

It is about time we let people decide whether they want to believe in God or not, without believing that the Torah was given to Moses on Mount Sinai by the Creator of the world. Without those who appointed themselves as his messengers. We should put them all together, as all other impostors, in the dustbin of history.


God Vs Religion.

The common belief is, that religion tried to bring the best out of people. It is assumed that by believing in God and his supervision over them, people will feel safer, confident and behave better. They will believe that He can see into their heart, judge their actions and rewards them accordingly, either in this life or another. That they will have the fear of God before committing a crime.  It assumed, if people believe that God is all mighty and he watches every move they make, they will act better and try to be good.  So, regardless whether God exists or not the effect will be good. 

Unfortunately, all religions come with a specific manual i.e. religious holy books that one should follow. For Jews, Christians and Muslims there are specific laws that instruct them exactly how to behave in every eventuality.  For example, according to Judaism, although God had created us in his own image and gave us brain and ability to judge and value, we are completely untrusted to do so.  The worst thing a religious Jew can do is to decide for himself what is right or wrong.



Why? Because if he believes that these are the inspection of the creator of the whole universe, how can he with his limited mind and knowledge even justify not following them? The same thing is in Islam and Christianity. Belivers do not make their own laws and use their judgments, they follow the instructions of their religious guide.

But, they are not allowed to ask the most basic question: IS IT ALL REALLY FROM GOD?

That is the question we are going to answer in this website? IS IT FROM GOD?

I am not going to answer this question for you, YOU WILL ANSWER IT YOURSELVES.  I will just show you what is written there, in the TORAH, that we were all told was given to us from God. The answer would be obvious and clear as crystal!

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My Aim

My aim is to unite people of all races, nations, genders or beliefs.

The fact that some people believe in one God, many  Gods or none at all, does not divide them. But once we have specific religions and clerics that start telling us what is right and what is wrong according to their religion, devision is created, by distinguishing between sinners and observants. God, if there is one, created all of us, and gave us all tools and wisdom to judge and refine our values. If he is "Our Father In Heaven" why would he give us bad laws to follow in order to create division and hate between us? Would you do this among your children? Would you deceive them? Would you divide them as the biblical God? 

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