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About Me

I was born in Jerusalem and was educated in national religious jewish schools. I was one of forty Sephardic guys who were carefully selected and accepted into a dominated Ashkenazi elitist school.


At school the discrimination and abuse was overt and blatant, and the antisemitic rabbis did not even try to hide it. I was among the only seven boys to finish high school among those who started, and I regret that to this day. They cut our teacher evaluation marks to the minimum possible to cause as much damage as possible.  Specifically to those of us who showed doubts in their beliefs.


I moved to live in the UK more than thirty years ago, and see it as my home. I successfully completed my master's degree in general philosophy and retired as a computer consultant from IBM at the age of fifty.  My memory of Israel is not good to say the least, but my move to London was delightful and liberating in every way, and the social and economic success was open to me without reservation or limit.


I write this website in English on purpose, so that every educated Jew or member of another religion can read and be impressed. My target audience is limited to educated young people and not to those who have lost the ability to distinguish between good and evil and between truth and falsehood!

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My Values and Beliefs

I admit and confess that I do not know if there is a Creator for the world and I have no clue what his nature is and what his colour is. One thing I do know for sure, that if there is a Creator for the world, he did not give the Torah to anyone, neither at Mount Sinai nor anywhere else and I can only hope that he will forgive me for not writing this book, when I discovered it many years ago during my high school years in Jerusalem.


For the sake of fairness I will reveal to you my readers, that I do not believe in the next world, in the resurrection of the dead, in the incarnations of souls or in any other holy tomatoes, and also not in the Day of Judgment after death. If I have to face my Creator in order to be accountable for my actions, I would be happy to do so here and now, get his judgement and say out loud and clear, that my book reflects my opinions and conscience as my heart and mind were given to me on the day of my creation. Any alternative other than relying on the reason and conscience I have, will be in my eyes a complete heresy and irresponsibility. What would I argue for my defence: "They told me and I did not check", "They lied to me and just believed them", "They tricked me so easily?" Things are as clear as sunlight on a mid summer day, and all the excuses and the quibbles of the rabbis, priests or imams, will not change the simple truth or divert the simple justice not even from the edge of a child’s brain.


I wish you readers to be brave and upright and read my book with extreme care, fearlessness, generosity and open-mindedness, and if there is indeed a Creator for the world, who rewards the righteous, your share will be in the place you deserve as part of the intelligent and beautiful creation He created.

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Who I Help

Why Do I Do It

Would we be better without Religion

I cannot help anyone who does not trust his own judgement. I cannot convince you if you are not ready to listen and consider my claims and arguments. I would like to open up the eyes of religious people to the false claims of their religion. For those who do not believe, I give tools to fight the spread of religion, and give them the knowledge they need when approached by religious missionaries. 

I do it because I believe, religions today, and especially religious institutions, cause harm and incite hated division. In general they are not turning people to a better behaviour.  My aim is not to discourage people from believing in God, but to disbelieve religions. I do not make money out of this writing and not interested in being famous. 

It might be that some people would behave better if they believe that God checks and monitors what they are doing every day. People who also believe that He would give them rewards and punishments accordingly. I personally  do not believe in that kind of God. One thing I am sure about, religious people who follow the scripts and instructions of the religious institutions are not behaving morally better than those who don't.

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