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If religions are so untrue, so why many intelligent and educated people believe in them? 

A. Not all religious educated people believe in the same religion. In fact they believe in contradicting religions. This fact already shows that most of them are very wrong.

B. The vast majority of people stick to the religion they were born into, and don't change it to a different one in later stage of life. This shows that it is not a thoughtful process they go through when making this choice. 

C. The majority of people believe in values depending on their upbringing and needs. Intelligent people also believed in Nazism and Stalinism that does not make these right.


D. Most religions created mechanisms to make it very difficult to come out of them. They created closed communities, strict dress code, specific life style, and hard punishment to anyone who wants to leave.  One will loose his family, kids, wife and friends by coming out.

E. The majority of educated people did not start being religious after they completed their high education. The were brought up as religious people from childhood. You will not find many highly educated professors becoming re-born Christians, Jews or Muslims.

F. Religions fulfil people needs for reassurance, existential answers and surrounding support communities. People do not believe in religions because they are true, but because of their weakness and fears. Therefore, it is not surprising at all that religions are preached to people when they are in existential crises, funerals, new births, sickness etc.  

G. Religious clerks preach religion not because it is true, they do it because it gives them massive power over their followers. 

We Thrive On Questions

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Religions asks you to believe, and to be afraid of God and his judgement. We ask you to think, to doubt, and to be brave.  There are no sinful thoughts we forbid you to think. We do not tell you that we work in mysterious ways. Please feel free to ask anything that comes to your mind. If you do it in a a good manner, we will answer you. If the questions you ask has been asked my many, it will appear in this section.

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